District 1

Jade Estling - Secretary 
Term expires 2024

Twps: Lake, Cedarbend, Moranville, Laona, Clear River, Oaks

District 2

Ulrik Aaskov
Term expires 2024

Twps: Jadis, Jadis Addition, Spruce, Enstrom, Norland, Spruce Valley, Unorg

District 3

John Gaukerud - Chair
Term expires 2022

Twps: Dieter, Moose, Ross, Skagen, Stokes, Stafford, Nereson, Grimstad, Poplar Grove, Palmville

District 4

Jan Miller - Vice Chair
Term expires 2022

Twps: Malung, Falun, America, Mickinock, Beaver, Unorg, Golden Valley, Reine, Elkwood

District 5

Landon Olson - Treasurer
Term expires 2024

Twps: Blooming Valley, Unorg, Pohlitz, Juneberry, Soler, Polonia, Barto, Dewey, Hereim, Barnett, Lind, Deer, Huss


District Manager

Scott Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Shonda Jelle

District Technicians

Janine Lovold

Supervisors and Staff

Mobile site.

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Phone -  218. 463. 1903

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