District 1

Jade Estling - Secretary 
Term expires 2024

Twps: Lake, Cedarbend, Moranville, Laona, Clear River, Oaks

District 2

Ulrik Aaskov
Term expires 2024

Twps: Jadis, Jadis Addition, Spruce, Enstrom, Norland, Spruce Valley, Unorg

District 3

John Gaukerud - Chair
Term expires 2022

Twps: Dieter, Moose, Ross, Skagen, Stokes, Stafford, Nereson, Grimstad, Poplar Grove, Palmville

Image of Roseau County and the five supervisor districts

District 4

Jan Miller - Vice Chair
Term expires 2022

Twps: Malung, Falun, America, Mickinock, Beaver, Unorg, Golden Valley, Reine, Elkwood

District 5

Landon Olson - Treasurer
Term expires 2024

Twps: Blooming Valley, Unorg, Pohlitz, Juneberry, Soler, Polonia, Barto, Dewey, Hereim, Barnett, Lind, Deer, Huss


District Manager

Scott Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Shonda Jelle

District Technicians

Janine Lovold

Supervisors and Staff