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The Roseau SWCD sells conservation grade trees only in the spring. Customers are responsible of picking up their trees once they arrive. Orders under $100 require payment in full. Orders over $100 require a minimum of 50% down payment. Balance is due at time of pickup. NO CANCELLATIONS after February 1. Specially ordered trees CANNOT be cancelled. All Federal and State funded program trees require 50% down payment at the time of order or within first billing cycle. All phone orders will need 50% deposit or payment in full before order is accepted. The Roseau County SWCD accepts NO responsibility with regards to survival of planting stock or provisions for replacements. We reserve the right to substitute trees/size if the trees/size listed are not available and the right to cancel due to availability. Finance charges will be assessed on a monthly basis for accounts with zero payment activity. Daily storage fees begin after the last scheduled pickup day.

Tree Order Form is on the homepage. See Yellow Button at the top of the page.


Shrub Information

Flame willow information is courtesy of Becker County.

Deciduous Tree Information

Conifer Information

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