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Lake of the Woods Watershed

Link to LOWW JPB website.


Links to view and download the Plan are on the Home page.

Roseau County, Roseau County SWCD, Warroad River Watershed District, Lake of the Woods County and Lake of the Woods SWCD partnered together to develop a comprehensive watershed management plan for the Lake of the Woods watershed and also formed a Joint Powers Board for plan implementation. This local effort consolidates and aligns local water planning efforts along a uniform watershed boundary produce an efficient resource management. The resulting Plan provides a framework for local efforts to manage, restore, and protect water and natural resources within the Lake of the Woods watershed.


The official Plan may be access right on Home page of the Lake of the Woods Watershed Joint Powers Board website: The Plan is organized into five plan sections.

  1. Section 1 contains background information about the watershed plan.

  2. Section 2 summarizes the process the used to reach agreement on the watershed issues and priorities for plan lifespan.

  3. Within Section 3, measurable goals are assigned to each priority issue identified within Section 2.

  4. Section 4 identifies what actions will be taken, where and when actions will occur, who will implement the actions, the cost, and how much progress will be made towards the measurable goals.

  5. Lastly, Section 5 describes the implementation programs that will be used to support action implementation of Section 4 and how those programs will be coordinated.

Planning Regions within the Lake of the Woods 1W1P planning boundary
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